Introducing New Model Plant Species for 2024

This infographic presents an overview of four plant model species you might not have considered for your research: Zostera marina, Physcomitrium patens, Lemna spp., and Marchantia polymorpha. Each one is at a different stage of use as a model and we aim to highlight that they can be used to address questions that can’t be answered using some of the more established models. Alongside an image of each, we provide key characteristics that make them suitable as a study species, advantages and research areas they have been used in so far. 



About the Authors

Andrew Hempton is a PhD student at the University of Washington, and a 2024 Plantae Fellow. He currently investigates the molecular and physiological mechanisms of shade induced developmental responses in plants.

Isabel Pochet Pimentel is a PhD candidate at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and a 2024 Plantae Fellow. Her work focused on the characterization of important genes related to plant associations with nitrogen-fixing bacteria, using physiological and transcriptomic approaches. You can find her on X: @isabelpochet.

Alicia Quinn is PhD in plant molecular biology at Monash University, Australia, and a 2024 Plantae Fellow. Her project aims to understand the regulation of a toxic compound produced in Sorghum. You can find her on X: @AliciaQuinnSci.