Decoding the Code with R

In this hands-on guide on how to use R, we hope to provide a general guide on how to use R for your (plant) science needs. Whether you are new to R, or a frequent R-user, through this article we hope to inspire you to take your data analysis to the next level! We provide code examples on how to import data, perform statistical analysis and create ready-to-publish data visualizations. We will explore how R and its integrated development environment, R studio, can be harnessed as a powerful tool for your research and scientific questions.  




About the Authors 

Sourav Mukherjee is pursuing PhD in genetics at Monash University, Australia, and a 2023 Plantae Fellow. His study involves understanding the molecular mechanism of temperature responses in Arabidopsis. You can find him on Twitter at @SouravBiotech.

Laura Turchi is PhD Candidate in Grenoble, France, and a 2023 Plantae Fellow. Her work aims at modeling how transcription factors regulate gene expression in plants, with a strong link between bioinformatics and molecular biology. You can find her on Twitter at @turchi_l.

Alice Pierce is PhD student at University of California, Davis, and a 2023 Plantae Fellow. She is researching the effects of stimulatory introns on gene architecture and chromatin biology. Alice is interested in bringing more visibility to the plant sciences, and bridging the intersection between science, science communication and art. You can find her on Twitter at @alicevpierce.