Celebrate Pride 2022 with the LGBTQ+ Plant Scientist Network Blog Series!

Image by Sarita Muñoz-Gómez (@biosarita1)


I am very excited to introduce the LGBTQ+ Plant Scientist Pride Month Blog series for 2022! All the posts are from members of the plant science community who provide their unique perspectives. The posts ranging from personal memories and growth, to challenges faced by ECRs, ideas and recommendations for ways to improving the STEM community for diverse researchers, and overall is a general celebration of the LGBTQ+ plant scientists community!


Below are the current collection of posts by LGBTQ+ Plant Scientists:


We also encourage you to read posts from previous years as well as our suggestions on ways to improve our community for ECRs and the LGBTQ+ community in science in our letter to the Plant Cell in 2021.


Happy 2022 LGBTQ+ Pride Month!


By Sterling Field and the LGBTQ+ Plant Scientist Network

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