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Plant Cell Editor Profile: Joseph J. Kieber

(Reprinted from The Plant Cell 10.1105/tpc.18.00110) At the crux of understanding plant biology lies the intricate hormone circuitry coordinating morphological and physiological changes as plants grow and adapt to their environment. As a curious middle school student in Locust, New Jersey, Professor Joseph Kieber, then a proud keeper of a personal vegetable garden, was first […]

Nitrate Ahoy! Shoot Cytokinin Signals Integrate Growth Responses with Nitrogen Availability

Nutrients are rarely distributed homogenously in soil. Consequently, plants have local and long-distance signaling systems in place to monitor and coordinate both demand and supply of essential macronutrients such as nitrogen (N). The “N-demand” long distance signal emanates from a section of the root system that may be facing N-deprivation, while the “N-supply” signal is […]

Goldilocks Principle: MtNFH1 Ensures Optimal Nod Factor Activity

Partner selection is a critical step that must occur early during establishment of Root Nodule Symbiosis (RNS). RNS refers to the mutualistic interaction between legumes and some non-legumes with soil bacteria that help convert atmospheric nitrogen into plant usable ammonia. In legumes such as Medicago truncatula, a successful interaction initiates two genetically separable but interdependent […]