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Purple is the New Orange: Anthocyanin Regulation Coming Together in Carrot

Western cultivated carrot (Daucus carota subsp. sativus L) is broadly known for its orange pigmentation and accumulation of carotenoids, known as the carotene group (var. sativus). However, the eastern wild carrot (subsp. carota) originating from southwestern Asia over a century ago provides purple pigmentation (Figure 1A). Purple carrots, known as the anthocyanin group (var. atrorubens […]

Alternative Splice Variant Sheds Light on Temperature Acclimation in Algae

Climate change is a potent environmental force that all living organisms must contend with. This is especially true for photosynthetic, microalgae that are forced to acclimate to ever changing water temperatures and coordinate changes in their physiology and growth rates (Singh and Singh, 2015). These adjustments can have profound impacts on carbon fixation on Earth […]