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An evolutionary perspective on LysM receptors reveals conserved mechanisms for microbial signal perception

Lena Maria Müller Boyce Thompson Institute Lena.Mueller@miami.edu Plants are in constant contact with millions of microbes, which can be pathogenic or establish mutualistic interactions with the plant. One well-studied mutualistic interaction is the nodulation symbiosis of legumes with nitrogen-fixing rhizobia, which are harbored in specialized root organs called nodules (Parniske, 2018). In addition to legumes, […]

Timing is everything: MND1 regulates meristem phase change in barley

Lena Maria Müller Boyce Thompson Institute, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA 0000-0002-6036-4514 lmm339@cornell.edu   The shoot and inflorescence architecture of grasses are characterized by complex branching patterns, which contribute to the great diversity of this plant clade (Whipple 2017). During crop domestication, plants were selected for a variety of body plans (Pautler et al., 2013). For […]