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It takes two to be you: promoter motif pairs keep immune responses within cell identity boundaries

Being a multicellular organism is not an easy task. Proper functioning of individual cell types with different functions requires coordination of gene expression to determine cell identity, but also regulatory mechanisms to respond to environmental cues. The root may appear simple at first sight, but it is built with 15 cell types, each having an […]

APC/CTE Shapes Rice Architecture from Top to Bottom

Gibberellins (GAs) and abscisic acid (ABA) affect plant development in an opposite manner. GA is generally considered a growth promoting hormone, whereas ABA signaling, triggered in response to stress, counteracts the GA effects and restricts growth under suboptimal conditions (Vanstraelen and Benkova, 2012). To integrate the intrinsic and external cues, ABA and GA need to […]