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The same but different: CoMoVa, an algorithm to identify functional variation in cis regulatory elements

Transcription factors (TFs) act through TF binding sites (TFBSs) to control the transcription of associated genes. TFBSs are short and degenerate sequences that are often depicted using a Position Weight Matrix, which contain invariant nucleotides that are crucial for TF binding and variable nucleotides that minimally influence TF binding. The functionality of these variable nucleotides […]

The White Stripes Featuring ALBOSTRIANS, a Chloroplast-Localized CCT Domain Protein

Variegation in different organ types has been of great interest to biologists. The study of pigment variegation in maize kernels led to the discovery of transposable elements (McClintock, 1950), whereas the study of eye pigment variegation in Drosophila has led to interesting insights into chromatin regulation (Elgin and Reuter, 2013). Leaf variegation, in which leaves […]

A growing reputation for FRUITFULL genes

The sub-functionalization and neo-functionalization of duplicated MADS-domain containing transcription factor coding genes has driven angiosperm evolution. These transcription factors control almost every facet of reproductive development in plants and are key breeding targets for crop yield improvement. Modulating their activities can have a dramatic effect on plant development, a strategy that has been used to […]

A Conserved Mechanism to Terminate Floral Meristems

In plants, the balance between stem cell renewal and loss is carefully maintained by intricate regulatory networks. Although the root and shoot apical meristems can in principle continue to grow and self-renew indefinitely, the floral meristem is terminated once flower formation is completed. The precise timing of floral meristem termination can have dramatic effects on […]