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KAI2 regulates root and root hair development by modulating auxin distribution (bioRxiv)

To optimize growth, plant development is regulated by environmental information. Root morphology is adaptable to stimuli due to a network of phytohormone signalling pathways. Here Villaecija et al. studied the roles of strigolactones (SL) and karrikins (KL) signalling in controlling root and root hair development in Arabidopsis. SLs and KLs are similar in size and […]

A silk-expressed pectin methylesterase confers cross-incompatibility between wild and domesticated strains of Zea mays (bioRxiv)

The key event for speciation is reproductive isolation. In sexually reproducing plants, genetic factors act as reproductive barriers preventing the interbreeding of related strains. In this study, Lu et al. aimed to explore how the Tcb1-s (Teosinte crossing barrier 1-s) haplotype, found exclusively in wild teosinte, blocks maize pollen fertilization. Using mixed pollination tests with […]