ASPB Forward Listening Sessions at PB21, July 19-23

ASPB Forward works to advance change within ASPB by accelerating ideas that benefit our community. We seek to listen, stimulate, capture, incubate, and steward innovative, cross-cutting ideas and programs, so that ASPB will better serve as a more equitable and inclusive organization (read more).

Over the past few months, we have been listening to members of ASPB and the broader community it serves. We have identified several recurring themes that we’d like to explore further with you.

We will be hosting a set of listening sessions at the Plant Biology meeting later this month, and invite you to join us to participate in these discussions.

If you prefer to share your questions or comments anonymously, please submit them using this form. Members of the committee will share submitted comments during the relevant discussions.

Please join us for any of these listening sessions (note – registration to PB21 is required to attend).

Financial Transparency. Monday July 19, 9-10am EDT, 5-6pm EDT

How are your membership dues spent within ASPB? Financial management of the society is potentially obscure but has a real impact on how the society operates. This session will be a chance to pose questions and discuss overcoming barriers to financial transparency. How are decisions made now? How could you advocate for changes that have financial impacts? Bring your questions to those within ASPB who know the answers.

Amplifying Science and Amplifying People. Tuesday July 20, 9-10am EDT, 5-6pm EDT

ASPB’s mission is to “promote the growth and development of plant biology, to encourage and publish research in plant biology, and to promote the interests, growth, and education of plant scientists in general.” Does ASPB promote and advocate the right things, or are important topics left out? Should we put more focus on broader impacts? Does ASBP provide opportunities and promote scientists in an equitable and fair way? How are topics and speakers selected for meetings and webinars, and are there opportunities for community input?

Is ASPB Growing Your Career? Wednesday July 21, 9-10am EDT, 5-6pm EDT

What can ASPB do to help you in your professional journey? Bring your ideas, wishes and hopes! This session will be a chance to pose ideas and discuss ways that the society and its members can better support you through career transitions and help you be the best plant scientist you can be. All the ideas will be collated and developed by the ASPBForward team towards a future roadmap for professional development.

Open Session. Thursday July 22, 9-10am EDT, (no pm session)

This will be an unstructured session where you can talk about anything or everything you’d like to see happen within ASPB. Bring you ideas, questions, problems, concerns. The ASPB Forward Committee  is here to help them be heard!

Dispute Resolution Within the ASPB Sphere of Influence. Friday July 23, 9-10am EDT, 5-6pm EDT

Do you know what to do if you experience harassment or bullying on this site? What about if you are aware of (or accused) of publication-related misconduct – how are these situations handled? What would you do if you observed unethical behavior from a member of ASPB’s society leadership? How can ASPB and its members work together to ensure that we provide safe environments, in terms of personal safety, freedom from harassment, and freedom from professional or career retribution? Bring your questions and suggestions.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact the members of the ASPB Forward working group by emailing us at or connecting with us on Twtter at @ASPBForward.