Announcing the Career Fair at Plant Biology 2019

This year at Plant Biology 2019, we will have several Career Fair activities for you to participate in.

  1. On the Plantae Job Center, both employees and job seekers will be able to mark on their jobs or profiles that they will be attending Plant Biology 2019. Employers will also be able to purchase short term job postings that only for the duration of the meeting at a discounted price from the usually 30 or 60 day postings.  Find your new job or new hire at Plant Biology 2019.
  2. Brought back by popular demand: The onsite job board. Near the registration desk, there will be a board for attendees to post current openings and how to apply for them. There will be no charge to post jobs on the board.
  3. Career Mentoring Sessions: book a 20 minute mentoring session with a plant biology professional to get advice on your resume or CV, your career path, training, skills and more.  Details coming soon.

In addition, don’t miss out on these informal discussions taking place at Plant Biology 2019:

  • Careers in Science Policy and Advocacy
    Governments play a major role in supporting the scientific enterprise. For example, federal agencies award grants and contracts to researchers and educators and set policy with regard to issues such as training, scholarly publishing, and the establishment scientific priorities. As a result, there are a diversity of career opportunities for scientists interested in policy and advocacy. Come and learn about some of those opportunities and steps you can take to pursue a career in science policy.
  • Beyond Academia (Discussion)
    Curious about what it’s like to work beyond academia? This informal discussion will include plant scientists working outside academia. Discussion topics will include transitioning between academia and industry, international opportunities in academia and industry, and how to write a CV for an industry job.
  • Tips for Establishing and Leading Training Grant Research Programs
    Open discussion for faculty members that run existing programs or those who are interested in starting a training grant program at their institution. Join us to discuss how to start a successful training program and learn more about grants, existing initiatives, and T-training opportunities.
  • Effective Mentoring Relationships
    Are you getting the most out of your mentoring relationship? Join this discussion to improve your mentor-mentee relationships. Speakers will also discuss using an Individual Development Plan, as well as strategies for both mentors and mentees.
  • Rotation Opportunities at US Federal Agencies (DOE and NSF)
    Learn about opportunities to guide and support federal research programs through temporary program officer positions with US Federal agencies including the NSF and DOE. Speakers will include career program officers, as well as current and former “rotators”.
  • To Grad School or Not to Grad School…
    Are you considering going to grad school? Not sure what lies beyond? Join your peers to discuss pros and cons on earning a graduate degree in plant biology.