A Simple and sensitive SYBR Gold-based assay to quantify DNA-Protein interactions ($) (Plant Molecular Biology)

Gene regulation occurs at multiple levels including transcription. During transcription, transcriptional factors bind to specific target sequence which allows the recruitment of other proteins including RNA polymerase that enables transcription. Understanding such an intricate mechanism allows researchers to study the spatio-temporal expression pattern of genes necessary for development or inducing signals during biotic or abiotic stress. In this paper Schreier et al., have developed an in-vitro assay that allows quantification of DNA-protein interaction. The authors have evaluated this simple assay using known binding sites of the transcriptional factor, AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR (ARF) from Arabidopsis and soybean and shown differential binding strength. The phytohormone auxin regulates its downstream gene expression through specific ARF activity and understanding this mechanism of preferential binding for development or stress response. Overall, a new assay has been developed for the in-vitro analysis of the strength of protein DNA interaction. Summary by Suresh Damodaran. Plant Molecular Biology, DOI : https://doi.org/10.1007/s11103-019-00922-x