Zheni Xie: Plant Physiology First Author

Zheni Xie, first author of “STRONG STAYGREEN inhibits DNA binding of PvNAP transcription factors during leaf senescence in switchgrass” 

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Education background:

2010.09-2014.06 Hebei Agricultural University (Bachelor ); 2014.09-2021.12 Nanjing Agricultural University ( Ph.D )

Non-scientific Interests: traveling

Brief bio:

In 2014, I joined the turfgrass team of Nanjing Agricultural University to study the molecular biology on grass.The whole research during my Ph.D time was mainly focused on molecular regulation mechanism of abiotic stress and leaf senescence in switchgrass. CCCH zinc finger protein was one of the proteins we focused on, which played an important role in the regulation of leaf senescence process and abiotic stress. We used reverse genetics to analyze the function of CCCH genes in switchgrass and further clarify those molecular regulation mechanism, intended to delay the natural aging/stress-induced leaf senescence of switchgrass or improve its stress tolerance. PvSSG was an interesting one among Switchgrass CCCH type proteins and as a leaf senescence braker. It could effectively delay leaf senescence by directly interacting with PvNAP1/2 and effectively inhibiting its transcriptional activation on CCGs. We hope that our work could provide new genetic resources and theoretical basis for breeding the stay-green and excellent stress tolerant species of switchgrass and other grasses.




2010.09-2014.06 河北农业大学 (学士)

2014.09-2021.12 南京农业大学 (博士)



我于2014年加入南京农业大学草坪逆境生理分子生物学团队攻读博士学位。博士期间,整个研究工作围绕柳枝稷非生物胁迫及叶片衰老分子调控机制的开展进行。我们主要研究的一类蛋白为CCCH 类锌指蛋白,该类蛋白在叶片衰老进程及逆境胁迫中具有重要调控作用。意在利用反向遗传学方法对柳枝稷中的CCCH 基因进行功能分析并进一步明确其分子调控机理,以期延缓柳枝稷自然衰老/逆境诱导的叶片衰老或提高其胁迫耐性。PvSSG是我们发现的其中一个CCCH 类叶片衰老刹车因子,它能够通过与PvNAP1/2直接互作并有效抑制其对CCGs转录激活,进而有效地延缓叶片衰老。 希望我们的工作能够为培育柳枝稷及其他草类植物滞绿品种及优良耐逆性品种提供新的基因资源和理论依据。