Nicolas Reynoud: Plant Physiology First Author

Nicolas Reynoud, first author of “The cutin polymer matrix undergoes a fine architectural tuning from early tomato fruit development to ripening”

Current Position: PhD student in Plant biochemistry,  French National Institute for Agricultural Research, Nantes, France.

Education: Master in plant physiology and stress adaptation, Rennes University, Rennes, France

Non-scientific Interests: climbing, running

Brief bio: In 2019, I joined the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRAE) to study the cell wall of Brachypodium distachyon impaired in several genes putatively involved in the oxidative coupling of monolignols. After my master thesis, I started my PhD in the research group of Benedicte Bakan at “Biopolymères, Interactions, Assemblages” laboratory at INRAE, Nantes to characterize the dynamics of plant cuticle architecture. Focusing on the tomato model (Solanum lycopersicum) and through a multimodal approach, we showed that the architecture of the cutin polymer matrix is finely tuned along fruit development. This study provides new insights into the organization of the epidermal cell wall-cuticle continuum and further offer new avenues in the structure-architecture-properties-function relationships of plant cuticles.