Jiajia He: Plant Physiology First Author

Jiajia He, first author of ECERIFERUM1-6A is required for the synthesis of cuticular wax alkanes and promotes drought tolerance in wheat”

Current Position: Master Student, Northwest A&F University, Xianyang, China

Education: Northwest A&F University (Bachelor); Northwest A&F University (Master)

Non-scientific Interests: Running and travel

Brief Bio: I joined Dr. Yong Wang’s lab at Northwest A & F University in 2020. Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is one of the major crops cultivated globally, of which the surfaces of the aerial portions are covered with cuticular wax. The wax components mainly consisted of fatty alcohols, alkanes, and diketones. I mainly carried out the research on the biosynthesis and drought resistance mechanism of wax alkanes in wheat cuticle. We identified a key alkane biosynthesis gene TaCER1-6A from wheat. TaCER1-6A specifically catalyzed the biosynthesis of C27–C33 alkanes in wheat leaves and enhanced the drought resistance of wheat. Because the overexpression and knockout of TaCER1-6A did not affect the agronomic traits of wheat plants, TaCER1-6A could be used to generate new drought-tolerant wheat cultivars through a transgenic breeding strategy in the future.