Yusong Liu: Plant Physiology First Author

Yusong Liu, first author of “MdERF114 enhances the resistance of apple roots to Fusarium solani by regulating the transcription of MdPRX63

Current Position: Seeking for a job

Education: PhD from College of Horticulture of Northwest A & F University. Master’s degree in Pomology from Shandong Agricultural University.

Non-scientific Interests: Basketball, Movie

Brief bio: During postgraduate period, I studied at Stress Biology of Fruit Trees of Northwest A & F University supervised by professor Fengwang Ma, and my study was focused on the prevention and control of apple replant disease. We found that MdERF114, a member of the ERF transcription factor family, positively modulates resistance of apple roots to Fusarium solani. Subsequently, the regulatory defense network of MdERF114 was clarified by Dap-seq, yeast one-hybrid system and yeast two-hybrid system. This study provides new insight into the regulatory mechanisms of apple roots response to F. solani and lays the theoretical foundation for breeding resistant rootstocks and prevention of apple replant disease.