Yiwen Guo: The Plant Cell First Author

Yiwen Guo, co-first author of “The translational landscape of bread wheat during grain development”

Current Position: Ph.D. candidate in China Agricultural University

Education: Bachelor, Northeast Forestry University

Interests: Travel, Photography, Reading

Brief bio: During the undergraduate period, I developed a strong interest in molecular biology and began to conduct scientific research training in the laboratory. I joined Wheat Genetics and Genomics Center at CAU since 2018 to pursue my Ph.D. My research mainly focuses on the translational regulatory mechanism of wheat and the functions and regulatory mechanisms of translational regulatory elements such as uORFs. In this study, we performed ribosome profiling and polysome profiling to obtain a unique translatome dataset of developing bread wheat grain. The study provides the first comprehensive and detailed overview of the translational regulations affecting gene expression during wheat grain development, providing a theoretical basis for wheat improvement.