Yongming Chen: The Plant Cell First Author

Yongming Chen, co-first author of “The translational landscape of bread wheat during grain development”

Current Position: Postdoc in China Agricultural University

Education: PhD in China Agricultural University

Interests: Music, Movie

Brief bio: I received my PhD from China Agricultural University and then joined Wheat Genetics and Genomics Center as a Postdoc. My research now focuses on evolutionary genomics and regulation of gene expression in wheat and its closely related species, as well as the development of tools and databases for omics big data analytics to accelerate crop improvement. In previous work, I developed a collinearity-incorporating homology inference tool and a homology database for Triticeae species and constructed a wheat integrative regulatory network that enables trait-associated gene discovery for crop improvement. In this study, we generated a unique translatome dataset of developing bread wheat grain using ribosome profiling and polysome profiling and presents a comprehensive and detailed overview of the translational control of gene expression, facilitating molecular designed breeding for crop improvement.