We want to hear from YOU. An invitation from ASPB Forward

Please help us envision and achieve a better Society

Take a moment to imagine what the ideal professional society would be. How would decisions be made, opportunities allocated, scientists supported?

Are we there yet? We hope we’re close, but we know that the best ASPB will be the one that continues to grow with our community.

That’s why we’re turning to you. By asking you to share your comments, wishes, goals, and ideas for the best ASPB possible we invite you to join us in making it a reality, and for you to tell us where we can do better.

We know that this is a big ask, and we know that you might not feel comfortable sharing your thoughts publicly.

We’ve set up three ways for you to share your comments/wishes/goals/ideas. 

  • The first is a Google form, which you can find here. Feel free to include your name, but you can also complete the form anonymously.
  • The second is email or Twitter – you can reach us at aspb-forward@aspb.org and @ASPBForward
  • The third is, we hope, the most fun. We’ve set up a cluster of “listening sessions” in which we’ll open the floor (via zoom) to anyone who wishes to speak. The first four will have no agenda, but as we see themes emerge from these conversations (and the other sharing mechanisms) we’ll also set up sessions that focus on specific topics or areas.
    • Monday March 22, 3pm EDT (noon PDT, 7pm GMT) Join
    • Monday March 22, 9pm EDT (6pm PDT; Wed March 24, 10am Tokyo, Noon Sydney) Join
    • Wednesday March 24, 1pm EDT (10 am PDT, 5pm GMT) Join
    • Thursday March 25, 9am EDT (6am PDT, 1pm GMT) Join

We very much look forward to hearing from all people who consider themselves plant scientists- ASPB members or not. This includes undergraduates, extension agents, breeders, technicians, educators, lab managers, graduate students, postdocs, industry scientists, anyone in fact whose efforts might be supported by ASPB activities.


Team ASPB Forward

  • Phil Taylor
  • Siobhan Braybrook
  • Katy MacIntyre
  • Jason Williams
  • Mary Williams

The ASPB Forward Steering Committee

  • Philip Benfey
  • Christine Foyer
  • Maureen McCann
  • Beronda Montgomery

Who We Are

We are a team of five people who love ASPB. For us, that means acknowledging the good things our Society does but also recognizing that it can always be better. We don’t (can’t) have the answers for what ‘better’ looks like, but we believe our community does, and listening is the first step.

We seek to listen, stimulate, capture, incubate, and steward innovative, cross-cutting ideas and programs, so that ASPB will better serve as a more equitable and inclusive organization.

Learn more about ASPB Forward here.




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