Twelve easy steps to embrace or avoid scientific petrification by Stephen Campana

Looking back on his 40-year career gives author Stephen Campana the opportunity to distill very useful career advice.

Very briefly, here are his 12 steps, but we recommend you real all of this interesting and useful article, found here, from the ICES Journal of Marine Science.

  • Read, read, read

  • To be applied, or not to be applied: that is the question

  • Write, write, write

  • Grab opportunities, not baubles

  • Speak and network

  • Work hard, play hard

  • Follow ethics, not rules

  • Use the media to your advantage

  • If all of your research is successful, you’re not taking enough chances

  • You make your own luck

  • Don’t try to win: try to win–win

  • Stay fresh with your enthusiasm for science