Celebrating the Plant Cell’s 30th Anniversary at Plant Biology 2019

This page is a collection of news, information and events about the Plant Cell’s 30th anniversary, or #ThePlantCELLebration30!

Join us in a scavenger hunt! There are 15 posters with cover images hanging at the convention center. To participate in our scavenger hunt, visit each of the posters. There are two options to complete the scavenger hunt. You may enter both. After you visit each of the posters, complete the entry form  HERE and return it to the Plant Cell booth to enter. Two winners will be selected by random draw. Good luck!

The Plant CELLebration poster collection! See some of our colorful posters from over the past years.

Editorial: Reflections on The Plant Cell Classics

Editorial: The Plant Cell: Beginnings

A link to the full set of Plant Cell Reflections from the June and July 2019 editions here

Tweets with #ThePlantCellebration30


Coming soon: Information about the Plant Biology 2019 Scavenger Hunt!