The Plant Cell Focus Issue: Biomolecular Condensates

The September issue of The Plant Cell includes a focus on biomolecular condensates. Although the term “biomolecular condensates” is relatively new, it actually reflects a convergence and synthesis of several distinct threads of research. Biomolecular condensates span from “classic” membraneless organelles (e.g., nucleolus, pyrenoid) to small, transient functional condensates, some of which are only recently recognized. A lot of the advancements in our understanding come from new tools and imaging techniques that reveal condensate structures and functions, many of which are reviewed here. The collection provides a great overview of this coalescing discipline. Start with the editorial overview by Gutierrez-Beltran et al. (Summary by Mary Williams @PlantTeaching) Plant Cell 10.1093/plcell/koad182 Furthermore, there’s a not-to-miss webinar on September 13 featuring three authors whose work appears in the Focus Issue; register at