The Microfarm: Organic Gardening for Anyone

A year round organic aquaponic garden with almost no maintenance. Half of the profits go to schools. Springworks has partnered with Cultivating Action to help integrate more aquaponics and sustainable agriculture education in schools. You can check out our campaign at:

About Springworks
Springworks was started after years of growing aquaponically. In fact, our founder started out of his garage with money from a summer job. However, the systems continued to grow and soon enough Trevor had enough produce to not only feed his family, but sell to a local restaurant. After taking a year and a half off of school because of a bad head injury sustained from high school football, our founder was determined to make a positive impact on the world around him. Using prototypes in Montana to gather data, a business plan was created to grow vegetables commercially all year round in Maine and produce the Microfarm. Financial partners were found in the Spring of 2014 and we broke ground on our commercial greenhouse that fall. We now operate one of the largest commercial aquaponic greenhouses in the country and the first to be certified organic from Maine to Chicago. Springworks is passionate about not only producing healthy, organic, and sustainably produced food but also helping others enjoy the benefits of growing some of their own meals.
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