The AraGWAS Catalog: a curated and standardized Arabidopsis thaliana GWAS catalog

AraGWAS ( is a new useful tool developed within the 1001 Genome project that fully integrates and complements GWAP, EasyGWAS, AraPheno and AraGeno. With the availability of the 1001 genomes of Arabidopsis, the number of association studies is dramatically increasing but a way to browse, compare and understand possible connections among them was missing. In their paper, Togninalli and colleagues describe a user-friendly website that catalogues available association studies performed in Arabidopsis and allows browsing through public phenotypes, studies and single nucleotide polymorphism associations. As the GWAS contained in the website have been re-computed with standard methodologies, we can now easily visualize and compare results and statistics of multiple phenotypes, with new possibilities of research and analysis. (Summary by Marco Giovanetti) Nucl. Acid. Res. 10.1093/nar/gkx954