Special Issue: Genome to Phenome (Plant Journal)

It’s January, which seems to be a month of weather extremes for many “temperate” parts of the globe. Here’s an excellent collection to curl up with as you try to stay warm or cool and out of the elements. The issue includes free-to-access reviews focused on using genomic data (e.g., genome-wide associate studies, GWAS), to identify genes or loci that correlate with various phenotypes. On the genome end, the articles discuss tools and approaches, especially focused on crop plants or plants with large and complex genomes. On the phenome side, articles cover metabolic traits, salt tolerance, photosynthetic efficiency, cell walls and more. This would be a great reading list for a journal club, especially for students! (Summary by Mary Williams) https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/toc/1365313x/2019/97/1