Shuai Wang: The Plant Cell First Author

Shuai Wang, first author of “Phosphorylation of MdERF17 by MdMPK4 Promotes Apple Fruit Peel Degreening during Light/Dark Transitions”

Current Position: Ph.D. candidate at China Agricultural University

Education: M.S. at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Non-scientific Interests: reading, hiking

Brief bio: During my doctoral study in China Agricultural University (advisor: Prof. Zhenhai Han and Dr. Ting Wu), I focused on post-transcriptional regulation of chlorophyll degradation in apple peels and the connection between diurnal rhythm and MAPK pathways during fruit development. We previously reported that MdERF17 contributes to chlorophyll degradation in fruit peel via trans-activation on chlorophyll degradation-related genes. In this study, we reported that MdMPK4-mediated phosphorylation of MdERF17 contributes to fruit degreening through activation of downstream genes and revealed the molecular mechanisms by which two MdMPK4 proteins regulate Chl breakdown and anthocyanin accumulation in response to the light/dark transition. My long-term scientific goal is to solve important scientific questions in the field of fruit quality control and provide candidate gene resources for molecular breeding.