Thomas Stegemann: The Plant Cell First Author

Thomas Stegemann, co-first author of “Insights into polyamine metabolism: homospermidine is double-oxidized in two discrete steps by a single copper-containing amine oxidase in pyrrolizidine alkaloid biosynthesis”

Current Position: Senior Application Scientist GC, GC-MS at ThermoFisher Scientific, Dreieich, Germany.

Education: Graduated Pharmacy studies in 2014 at Kiel University, PhD graduation at the Botanical Institute and Botanical Gardens Kiel University in 2020.

Non-scientific interests: Star Trek

Brief bio: During my pharmacy studies I worked briefly as a student helper on research projects concerning ion channels. Realizing I was more fascinated by the blocking molecules than the target I switched after graduation in the field of natural products chemistry. This opportunity was given to me by Prof. Dr. Dietrich Ober who let me join his lab of Chemical Ecology and Molecular Evolution at the Botanical Institute and Botanic Gardens Kiel University, Kiel, Germany. Here I performed the studies on pyrrolizidine alkaloids for my PhD which I obtained in 2020. Since 2018 I am working as an Application Scientist for ThermoFisher Scientific as an expert for GC and GC-MS.