Shaojie Han: Plant Physiology First Author

Shaojie Han, first author “Soybean transporter AATRhg1 abundance increases along nematode migration path and impacts vesiculation and ROS”

Current Position: Assistant Professor (specially-appointed research professor) at Zhejiang University

Education: Ph.D.

Non-scientific Interests: appreciation of natural beauty

Brief bio:
Soybean is a major commodity in agronomy globally, and China is one of the largest soybean importers. Soybeans are a traditional food and oil source in China, and they are also used as a feed source for animals. Soybean cyst nematode is a major economic problem for soybean production, especially in the United States. The approach of focusing on natural resistance mechanisms and engineering resistant soybean cultivars is one potential solution to this problem. I was fortunate to secure a postdoctoral position in Andrew Bent’s lab and receive training in this area. I have chosen to pursue the resolution of this issue as a career objective.

I am deeply grateful to the Bent Lab, as well as to Zhejiang University and the Nematology Professional Committee of the Chinese Society for Plant Pathology for their invaluable support.