Abi Ghifari: Plant Physiology First Author

Abi Ghifari, first author of “The biogenesis and regulation of the plant oxidative phosphorylation system”

Current Position: PhD Candidate at School of Molecular Sciences and ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology, The University of Western Australia

Education: Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from University of Indonesia and Master of Science (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) from The University of Western Australia

Non-scientific Interests: urban sketching, watercolour painting, street photography

Brief bio: I am currently completing a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, specifically investigating molecular and physiological roles of proteases and peptidases in plant mitochondria. In our lab, we employ a combined genetic, biochemical, and proteomics techniques to assess activity and mechanism of proteolytic and peptidolytic processes in plant mitochondria. With this approach, we discovered proline-cleaving aminopeptidases in mitochondria and chloroplasts and determined their function in plant response to osmotic stresses; and found that FTSH3, an inner membrane-bound protease, is required to regulate the disassembly of plant respiratory system, particularly Complex I. I would like to further explore the factors that regulate quality control of proteins in mitochondria.