Review: Tale of Huanglongbing disease pyramid in the context of the citrus microbiome ($)

Huanglongbing (HLB or Citrus Greening Disease) has caused enormous economic losses in major citrus production areas, including Florida. The Huanglongbing disease pyramid consists of the bacteria Liberibacters, citrus psyllid vectors (insects), citrus hosts, and the environment in which they all exist.  The authors complement existing reviews of Liberibacters and citrus plant interactions by reviewing the literature on Liberibacter/psyllid interaction, psyllid/plant interaction, and on the citrus microbiome component of this pyramid. This review highlights changes in proportions and amounts of microbial species in the rhizosphere, rhizoplane, endosphere, and phyllosphere when citrus becomes infected with HLB. Reviewing what is known of the complexity of the HLB disease pyramid bolsters the argument that successful management strategies must take this complex web of reciprocal interactions into account. (Summary by Megan Lynch) Phytopathology 10.1094/PHYTO-12-16-0426-RVW

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