Review. Mycorrhizal symbiosis: Genomics, ecology, and agricultural application

This outstanding Tansley review by Martin and van der Heijden spans the scale of research on mycorrhizal symbiosis from molecules to ecosystems, and spans time from the earliest encroachment of plants and fungi onto land to the future applications of our understanding. This very comprehensive review is a great resource to anyone with an interest in mycorrhizal symbiosis. I particularly appreciate their objective approach to addressing some of the potentially overhyped topics. For example, the idea of plants communicating and displaying altruistic behaviors through common mycorrhizal networks is intriguing, but the evidence for such effects is small. The authors also look at the potential for improving plant productivity through mycorrhizal inoculation. Although some studies have shown growth enhancement, the range of responses is huge and highly dependent on many factors that are difficult to identify and control. Mycorrhizal symbiosis impacts on and by climate change are also discussed, as are the many questions that require further research. (Summary by Mary Williams @PlantTeaching) New Phytol. 10.1111/nph.19541