Review: Models and mechanisms of stomatal mechanics ($) (TIPS)

Guard cells are undoubtedly fascinating and frequently reviewed in terms of both their developmental programming and the intracellular signals that contribute to their function. This review, by Woolfenden, Baillie et al., covers a less familiar topic, that of the biophysical constraints to the mechanics of their action. The authors describe how the analysis of cell wall composition, mutants, and nanoindentation studies (using atomic force microscopy) to assess guard cells mechanical properties can be combined with finite element analysis and other modeling approaches in order to assess the role of wall stiffness on stomatal mechanics. Combining these tools leads to a systems approach of measure / model / manipulate, further provided new understandings of stomatal mechanics. Trends Plant Science (Summary by Mary Williams) 10.1016/j.tplants.2018.06.003


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