Review: Bound by fate: Reactive oxygen species in receptor-like kinase signaling

Both receptor-like protein kinase (RLK) and reactive oxygen species (ROS) signaling have been shown to affect a plethora of plant processes, including growth, metabolism,  development, and environmental responses. To date, previous reviews have focused on mechanisms that govern either ROS or RLK signaling; however, Kimura et al. examined mechanisms that govern cross-talk between ROS and RLK and demonstrate ways in which RLKs both influence and are influenced by ROS signaling.  Several key factors and a variety of biological contexts that they function in are considered within the context of receptor-mediated redox signaling in response to extra- and intra-cellular cues. (Summary by Tyra McCray) Plant Cell 10.​1105/​tpc.​16.​00947

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