Review: 25 years of resistance (R) gene cloning identifies nine mechanisms for R protein function (Plant Cell)

Genes that confer pathogen resistance have been recognized for a very long time, and the first of these R genes was cloned 25 years ago. Kourelis and van der Hoorn examine lessons from the more than 300 R genes whose gene products are known, and from this analysis identify nine different mechanisms for their function. These nine mechanisms fall into two classes: perception and loss-of-susceptibility (see the Review for subdivisions of these two classes). The authors also summarize the different molecular structures of R proteins (e.g., NLRs, RLPs and RLKs etc.) and how these structures correlate with mechanism. This clear and well-structured review provides a useful overview of R gene functions with many specific examples of each, and would be a great paper to read with students. (Summary by Mary Williams) Plant Cell 10.1105/tpc.17.00579