Regulation of Arabidopsis hypocotyl growth by transcriptional regulators (PNAS)

The integration of light-based environmental signals with photoreceptors and transcriptional regulators is essential for coordinating plant growth, development and energy production. One such integrator of light and signaling components is the Arabidopsis thaliana TANDEM ZINC-FINGER PLUS3 (TZP). TZP is a positive regulator of hypocotyl elongation and interacts with ZINC-FINGER HOMEODOMAIN 10 (ZFHD10). Perrella and colleagues use genomic studies, mutant studies and transcriptional analyses to characterize the function of TZP and ZFHD10 in the regulation of blue light-dependent transcription factors. ZFHD10 recruits TZP to promoters of key light-regulated genes. In conclusion, in response to blue light, ZFHD10 acts as a positive regulator of hypocotyl growth through the action of light signaling components. (Summary by Julia Miller) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA