Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Yanqing Huo

Yanqing Huo, co-first author of IRREGULAR POLLEN EXINE2 (IPE2) encodes a GDSL lipase essential for male fertility in maize

Current Position: Job-hunting

Education: PhD in the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2014-2020); M.Sc. in Shandong Agricultural University (2011-2014); B.Eng. in Liaocheng University (2007-2011).

Non-scientific Interests: basketball, music, reading

Brief bio: I grew up in a small country where farmers mainly plant corn and wheat. I have been curious about nature and life since my childhood which made me decide to learn biology. After three years’ study on Arabidopsis in Shandong Agricultural University, I was lucky to join the lab of Dr. Huabang Chen in IGDB, CAS for my PhD and studied male sterility in maize. I was working in collaboration with Dr. Juan Liu, Yuanrong Pei, Youhui Tian and other excellent partners in order to clone the male sterile gene and decipher the possible mechanism of male sterility in maize. Apart from male sterility, I also participated in other projects, such as small kernel and seed germination in maize. Maize is really amazing, lots of mysteries are remained to be uncovered. Though I graduated from UCAS and got PhD degree in 2020, my experience in IGDB, CAS will be a great treasure in my life.