Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Rodrigo Gomez

Rodrigo Gomez, first author of Plastidic Δ6 Fatty-Acid Desaturases with Distinctive Substrate Specificity Regulat the Pool of C18-PUFAS in the Ancestral Picoalga Osteococcus Tauri

Current Position: PhD Student, Autophagy Team, LBM (Membrane Biogenesis Lab) UMR 5200 CNRS – University of Bordeaux

Education: Biology – Biochemistry Bachelor, University of Bordeaux;  Plant Biology and Biotechnology Master’s Degree, University of Bordeaux

Non-scientific Interests: biking, gym, soccer

Brief bio: During my masters 2 internship I worked under the supervision of Dr. Frédéric Domergue for Dr. Florence Corellou’s Ostreococcus tauri project. My job consisted in expressing candidate genes for desaturases from Ostreococcus tauri in heterologous systems (Nicotiana benthamiana  and yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to test their activities.
For my PhD project, I am now working under the supervision of Dr. Amélie Bernard on her group working on Plant Autophagy. The objective of my PhD is the identification of lipids composing autophagic structures and assessing their function, using Arabidospsis thaliana as working model.