Recognizing Plant Direct authors: Andries Temme

Andries Temme, first author of Element content and distribution has limited, tolerance metric dependent, impact on salinity tolerance in cultivated sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Current Position: Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Plant Biology, University of Georgia, USA

Education: BSc and MSc from Utrecht University, NL; PhD from VU University Amsterdam, NL

Non-scientific Interests: coffee, guitar playing, running, trashy sci-fi stories

Brief bio: At VU University Amsterdam I studied the effect of past (paleo) and future CO2 levels on the ecophysiology of a variety of species. Linking performance and traits of plants in conditions of the past to their performance in the future. Now, as first a Postdoc and later Research Scientist at the University of Georgia, I am delving into the physiology and genomics of a single species (cultivated sunflower) under a variety of stresses (salt, drought, and low nutrients). By using the molecular toolkit provided in cultivated sunflower I seek to understand more about plant functioning as well as contribute to solving global challenges. I believe this approach, combining ecophysiology, genomics, and phenomics, can yield vital insights for hardening crops response to environmental stress.