Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Michael Greer

Michael Greer, first author of SEIPIN isoforms interact with the membrane-tethering protein VAP27-1 for lipid droplet formation

Current Position: Senior Director of Operations at Willow Biosciences Inc.

Education: BSc. Biochemistry (Honors.) – University of Lethbridge 2006; MSc. Biology – University of Lethbridge 2008; PhD Plant Sciences – University of Alberta 2015

Non-scientific Interests:  canoeing, skiing and exploring the great outdoors

Brief bio:  Inspired by canola’s importance to the western prairies of Canada, from where I hail, the majority of my research career has focused on improving the accumulation and fatty acid composition of oil in oilseeds.  This background in plant lipids ultimately brought me to my current position with Willow Biosciences Inc., a company focused on engineering yeast to produce high value plant products.