Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Michela Osnato

Michela Osnato, first author of Genes of the RAV family control heading date and carpel development in rice

Current Position: science communication manager (@secretlifeofaplantbiologist), member of the Plantae fellow program

Education: MS in Plant Biotechnology and PhD in Plant biology and crop productivity at the University of Milan (UNIMI, Italy)

Non-scientific Interests: travel, photography, yoga, trekking

Brief bio: I started my scientific career as an undergraduate student at UNIMI studying the role of a regulatory gene involved in cold acclimation in rice. Since then, I have been investigating Gene Regulatory Networks underlying vegetative and reproductive development in model plants and cereal crops. Recently, my research has focussed on the molecular mechanisms controlling plant growth in response to environmental limitations related to climate change.

Beyond the bench, I have always been interested in public engagement and science dissemination. For this reason, I have participated in different initiatives to promote scientific culture and foster equal opportunities in Italy and Spain. I am currently attending courses in digital communication and scientific writing to improve my abilities in the production of original content and the management of multimedia strategies.