Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Jishan Jiang

Jishan Jiang, first author of Retrograde induction of phyB orchestrates ethylene-auxin hierarchy to regulate growth

Current Position: Candidate for a tenure track faculty position, college of Grassland Science and Technology at China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Education: Ph.D; Forage Genetics, Breeding and Seed Sciences at Chinese academy of Agricultural Sciences

Non-scientific Interests: hiking, camping and drawing

Brief bio: My long term interest in plants’ ability to survive in harsh conditions led me to join the Dehesh lab at UC Davis as a visiting Ph. D student. During this period I learned about and was fascinated by how a mutant accumulating large quantities of a stress-specific retrograde signaling metabolite can sense and transmit stress signal. Towards understanding of the signal transduction pathway, I performed a genetic screen and identified phytochrome B (phyB) as a component of the pathway. Here in this paper I established that MEcPP-mediated induction of phyB abundance leads to modulation of auxin and ethylene levels for optimal adaptive responses to ever-changing light environment. This convergence of light and hormonal singling through MEcPP-mediated actions positions the plastidial function at the center of adaptive response.

I am currently working toward the establishment of my own research group at the China Agricultural University, aiming to address the two following goals:

1: Identification of the key components involved in survival rate of Medicago Sativa over winter.

2: Characterization of cytosol- to -nucleus translocational machinery of phyB.