Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Chenyong Miao

Chenyong Miao, first author of Increased power and accuracy of causal locus identification in time-series genome-wide association in sorghum

Current Position: PhD candidate in the Schnable lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Ph.D. in Agronomy (in progress ) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln since 2016

M.S. in Bioinformatics from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in 2016

B.S. in Biotechnology from Henan University of Science and Technology in 2013

Non-scientific Interests: soccer, basketball, fishing, hiking

Brief bio: I started working on research in my masters when I was admitted to FAFU in 2013 where I worked with a professor named Haibao Tang who was part of the Genomics and Biotechnology Center. In his lab I learned to program in python and write code for new types of analyses of plant genomics data. Two of the tools I helped write were later published, and I also helped to assemble and annotate the pineapple genome while I was a graduate student there. After I finished my masters, I came to the Schnable lab at UNL in 2016 as a PhD student. In this lab, I’ve gotten to work with people in the engineering, statistics, and computer science departments as I try to develop and apply phenomics-, quantitative genetics-, and artificial intelligence-based tools to link genotype to phenotype in maize and sorghum. I’ve worked on optimizing GWAS for different genetic architectures, training computers to both tell the difference between stalks, leaves, and reproductive structures and count the leaves of corn, as well as the work on identifying genes that control differences in the pattern of phenotypic change over time which lead to this paper in Plant Physiology. After I graduate I want to continue working with both statistical and machine learning related approaches to connect genotype and phenotype.



当前职位: 内布拉斯加州林肯大学施耐博实验室博士

教育经历: 2016至今, 内布拉斯加州林肯大学农业与园艺学院, 农学专业, 博士;2013-2016, 福建农林大学生命科学学院,生物信息专业,硕士;2009-2013, 河南科技大学农学院,生物技术专业,本科

非科学兴趣爱好:足球, 篮球, 徒步旅行, 钓鱼