Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Carina Collins

Carina Collins, co-first author of EPSIN1 modulates the plasma membrane abundance of FLAGELLIN SENSING2 for effective immune responses

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Physics at Drury University


Post-doc in botany department University of Wisconsin Madison

Ph.D. in Biochemistry at University of Missouri-Columbia (2010-2015)

B.A. Biochemistry from William Jewell College (2005-2009)

Non-Scientific Interests: I love reading, knitting, baking, and keeping up with all things plant, teaching and academic life on Twitter!

Brief Bio: Students in my research lab are currently investigating a potential new link between immune signaling and growth signaling which is the perfect combination of interests I’ve had throughout my career. During my Ph.D. I studied how the EPS1 protein contributes to the localization of defense-related proteins with Drs. Antje Heese and Scott Peck and as a post-doc I examined the role of membrane-structuring proteins regulating Arabidopsis growth and development with Dr. Marisa Otegui. My favorite part of mentoring students at a primarily undergraduate institution is that I get to inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators!