Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Erica LaMontagne

Erica LaMontagne, co-first author of EPSIN1 modulates the plasma membrane abundance of FLAGELLIN SENSING2 for effective immune responses

Current Position: Research Scientist at Elemental Enzymes Ag & Turf, LLC

Education: PhD in Biochemistry from University of Missouri-Columbia (2013 – 2018); BS in Biochemistry from University of Missouri-Columbia (2009-2013)

Non-scientific Interests: horseback riding, running, duck hunting, motorcycles

Brief Bio: My research interest lies in applying biochemical knowledge of plant-pathogen interactions to address issues in commercial agriculture. During my PhD at the University of Missouri, I investigated the roles of EPS1 and Clathrin-coated vesicle components in plant immunity against bacterial pathogens with Dr. Antje Heese’s team. At Elemental Enzymes, my co-workers and I are developing sustainable biochemical solutions to combatting devastating plant diseases impacting the ag market including Asian soybean rust and citrus greening disease (