Recognizing Plant Direct authors: Yinghui Li

Yinghui Li, first author of Exogenous sodium diethyldithiocarbamate, a Jasmonic acid biosynthesis inhibitor, induced resistance to powdery mildew in wheat

Current Position: post-doctoral researcher

Education:  PhD and Master, College of Agriculture, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Non-scientific interests: table tennis, volleyball, hiking and literature

Brief bio: Because of my inherent interest in agriculture, I studied crop genetics and breeding in China Agricultural University (2011.9-2017.6). During my PHD research on glycerol induced resistance to powdery mildew (Bgt) in wheat, we found that JA-related pathways were changed after glycerol application. Then we focused on the role of JA during the wheat-Bgt interaction. Interestingly, we found that exogenous application of MeJA could not induce resistance. However, a JA biosynthesis inhibitor Exogenous Sodium Diethyldithiocarbamate (DIECA) could induce highly resistance. This manuscript tried to help understating the pathways of DIECA induced resistance to Bgt in wheat. 2017.7-2018.9, I was a post-doctoral researcher working in the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. 2018.10-Now, I am a post-doctoral researcher working in the Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel. My research interests are focused on wheat resistance gene cloning and wheat resistance breeding.


题目: Exogenous Sodium Diethyldithiocarbamate, a JA Biosynthesis Inhibitor, Induced Resistance to Powdery Mildew in Wheat (外源喷施茉莉酸合成途径抑制剂二乙基二硫代氨基甲酸钠诱导小麦对白粉病的抗性)


个人简介: 2011.9-2017.6:硕士和博士,农学院,中国农业大学,专业:作物遗传育种。从事甘油诱导小麦抗白粉病作用机理研究。在研究过程中发现茉莉酸信号通路与诱导抗性相关。因此我们在这篇文章中对茉莉酸途径进一步研究,结果显示喷施茉莉酸甲酯不能诱导小麦对白粉病的抗性,但是喷施茉莉酸合成途径抑制剂二乙基二硫代氨基甲酸钠却能显著诱导小麦的抗性,我们通过转录组学以及生理生化的研究进一步了解这种诱导抗性作用的机制和通路。2017.7-2018.9:博士后,遗传与发育生物学研究所,中国科学院。2018.10-今:博士后,进化所,海法大学,以色列。从事小麦抗白粉病相关基因的克隆研究。