Recognizing Plant Cell first authors: Naoki Yamaji

Naoki Yamaji, co-first author of OsCASP1 is required for Casparian strip formation at endodermal cells of rice roots for selective uptake of mineral elements

Current Position: Associate Professor, Group of Plant Stress Physiology, Institute of Plant Science and Resources, Okayama University

Education: PhD in Agricultural Science at Ehime University, BSc and MSc in Agricultural Science at Kagawa University

Non-scientific Interests: bicycle assemble and cycling

Brief bio: I’m interesting in ‘meso-scale’ transport mechanisms of mineral elements between cells and plant. During the last decade, I especially focused on the role of rice node in mineral element distribution. We have identified a number of transporters involved in “Inter-vascular transfer” of mineral elements in the nodes of rice and other gramineous plants. In this work, we found that Casparian strip in rice roots has a distinct role in selective uptake of mineral elements. In the node, there is also a physical barrier located at some bundle sheath. I hope to investigate the role of this barrier in the distribution of mineral elements in future.