Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Ronghuan Ji

Ronghuan Ji, co-first author of Soybean Dicer-Like 2 Regulates Seed Coat Color via Production of Primary 22-nt Small Interfering RNAs from Long Inverted Repeats

Current Position: Research assistant in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Education: Ph.D degree in 2020, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Non-scientific Interests: movies, travel, basketball

Brief Bio: I enrolled as a graduate student at the Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (ICS, CAAS) in 2011. From then on, I engaged in the functional genomic research in Arabidopsis and soybean under the direction of my mentor Prof. Bin Liu at ICS. This study was conducted in cooperation with Jixian Zhai Laboratory of South University of Science and Technology. We knocked out the two DCL2 co-orthologous genes in soybean by CRIPSR/Cas9 engineered technology. We found that loss-of-function of both DCL2a and DCL2b genes altered seed coat color from yellow to brown. Then we revealed the molecular mechanism of how the DCL2s regulate seed coat color through generating the 22-nt endogenous siRNAs targeting the CHS genes in soybean. In the future, I will continue to study the function of genes associated with key agronomic traits in soybean.


文章:Soybean DCL2 regulates seed coat color via the production of primary 22-nt siRNAs from long inverted repeats