Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Jinbu Jia

Jinbu Jia, co-first author of Soybean Dicer-Like 2 Regulates Seed Coat Color via Production of Primary 22-nt Small Interfering RNAs from Long Inverted Repeats

Current Position: Research Assistant Professor at School of Life Sciences, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen 518055, China

Education: PhD from Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China

Non-scientific Interests: swimming, travelling, reading

Brief bio: During my PhD, I was fortunate enough to have a traditional scientific research training in a molecular plant pathology lab under the supervision of professor Weixing Shan. I started my academic career with a project on identifying a collection of Arabidopsis resistant mutants and studying their resistance mechanisms. Later, I expanded my interests to RNA biology and bioinformatics, and explored the function of small RNAs in Oomycete. After completing my PhD, I joined Dr. Jixian Zhai’s lab in 2017 and began to explore the biogenesis and functions of miRNA and siRNA in important crops using CRISPR/Cas9 and high-throughput sequencing technologies. At present, my main goals are to develop and apply Nanopore-based full-length nascent sequencing method and plant single-cell sequencing technology to study the dynamic regulation mechanisms of transcription and splicing in diversity development stages and environment stresses.


姓名: 贾津布

目前所在职位: 研究助理教授(南方科技大学, 深圳)

教育经历: 西北农林科技大学,博士

个人爱好: 游泳,旅行,阅读

个人简介: 本硕博连读期间,我有幸加入到一个组织良好的传统分子植物病理学实验室,在单卫星教授的指导下进行了较系统的科研训练。在科研生涯的开始阶段,我初步研究了一些拟南芥突变体的抗病机制,但很快发现自己对RNA生物学和生物信息学也有浓厚的兴趣,尝试探索了一类卵菌小RNA的功能。2017年取得博士学位后,我加入到了南方科技大学翟继先博士实验室,先后从事博士后和研究助理教授的工作。在此期间,我们和中国农科院刘斌老师课题组合作,利用CRISPR/Cas9技术制备了一系列大豆的突变体来研究大豆miRNA和siRNA加工机制和调节功能。目前,我主要和同事一起尝试开发和应用基于Nanopore技术的新生RNA全长测序方法以及植物单细胞测序技术,来研究植物不同发育阶段和环境胁迫下转录和剪切的动态调节机制。