Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Peixin Huang

Peixin Huang, first author of Salicylic Acid Suppresses Apical Hook Formation via NPR1-Mediated Repression of EIN3/EIL1 in Arabidopsis

Current Position: Visiting Research Scholar in Dr. Hongwei Guo’s laboratory, Department of Biology, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Shenzhen, China

Education: Ph.D in Biotechnology from Peking University

Non-scientific Interests: dancing, tennis, food, traveling

Brief bio: I am interested in studying plant science, such as seedlings emergence from soil to grow, leaf senescence. I joined the lab of Dr. Hongwei Guo to start my Ph.D work, focusing on the phytohormone ethylene (ET) functional mechanism in responding to environmental factors and interplaying with other hormones signaling. The apical hook is an important dynamic structure for seedlings in skotomorphogenesis to protect dicots from mechanical damage. I worked on SA regulation of hook development and its functional mechanism associated with ET pathway. The major important findings were presented in this article. Currently, I’m also working on characterizing novel components in regulating leaf senescence and crosstalk between SA and ET signaling.