Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Defeng Shen

Defeng Shen, co-first author of A Homeotic Mutation Changes Legume Nodule Ontogeny into Actinorhizal-type Ontogeny

Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher, Group of Tonni Grube Andersen, Department of Plant Microbe Interactions, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, 50829 Cologne, Germany

Education: B.S, Northeast Forestry University, China; M.S, Beijing Normal University, China; PhD, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Non-scientific Interests: listening to music, reading books

Brief bio: Defeng obtained his Master degree at Beijing Normal University (2013) and PhD degree at Wageningen University (2019). Under the supervision of Prof. Ton Bisseling and Dr. René Geurts, his work in Wageningen includes studying the evolutionary relation between legume- and actinorhizal-type nodules by analyzing a homeotic mutant in Medicago truncatula (namely Mtnoot1), which can convert legume-type nodule ontogeny into actinorhizal type. This part of work is presented here. He also investigated the functions of the ortholog of MtNOOT1 in Parasponia andersonii under various developmental contexts. In March 2020, Defeng joined Tonni Grube Andersen’s group in MPIPZ as a post-doc. His project focuses on the role of outer xylem pole during nodule initiation and nodule functioning in Lotus japonicus.


目前职位:德国马普植物育种所植物微生物互作系,Tonni Grube Andersen课题组博士后。



个人简介:申德峰分别在北京师范大学(2013年)和荷兰瓦赫宁根大学(2019年)获得了硕士和博士学位。在Ton Bisseling教授 和René Geurts博士的指导下,他在瓦赫宁根大学的工作包括通过分析蒺藜苜蓿(Medicago truncatula)的一个同源异形突变体 (即Mtnoot1),研究豆科植物根瘤和放线菌类根瘤之间的进化关系,该突变可将根瘤的个体发生过程从豆科类型转化为放线菌类型。这部分工作在此介绍。他还研究了MtNOOT1的同源蛋白在糙叶山黄麻(Parasponia andersonii)不同发育背景下的功能。2020年3月,他作为博士后加入了Tonni Grube Andersen在德国马普植物育种所的课题组。他的课题主要是研究光叶百脉根(Lotus japonicus)木质部外轴在根瘤起始和起效中的作用。